I’m Aaron. Some call me Tosti. some call me “skwid”. I ain’t mad about it.

I eat, sleep, and beat…drums.

Over the years I’ve performed, tech’d, and recorded drums for bands and artists such as Pax217, Hawk Nelson, Underoath, Gym Class Heroes and Golden Youth, etc.

I have a full-time drum studio in East Nashville where I create music and record & engineer drums for artists & producers..

Why Beats Every Week?

After many years of playing drums and working with songwriters/artists, I found that many times to get the song going they just need a simple beat to write a song idea over. But a simple beat wasn't always to get. 

The rhythm determines the life and the attitude of the song. I conspired over the idea to record live loops and give out beats every week to songwriters / music creators with my friend Josh.  Hope you dig them.

If you’re interested in hiring me for a custom drum session, I’d love to help you with that.