Looking to book a custom drum session? Perfect. That's what I do.  

Tell me a bit about your music and your story


About drum sessions

Drums are my thing

My remote drum studio is based in Nashville at my humble abode. There are two drum rooms.. an isolated dead room and a live room.


Nutshell recording philosophy

The way the drums are captured, defines the style you are going for. It can make or break the “life” of your recording. I focus on bringing the right energy, character, and quality of sound to each song.


Gear Highlights

I have a late 50s Rogers Holiday Kit and custom OCDP snares and kits.

Apollo / Protools set up, JHS Colour Box 500 Series Pre’s, industry standard mic’s, and a Royer 121 ribbon mic.


The Process and Prices

During my process, I spend time discussing and articulating what kind of sound the artist / songwriter / producer is looking to achieve. Once we have a good vision in mind, I'll dial in the drum sounds, record, edit, and mix a stereo drum take. You will have the option of drum stems and/or a stereo mix of your desired take.


Record / Edit / Mixed Drum Track  $150/track

Drum Editing / Engineering $100/track