Looking to book a custom drum session? Perfect. That's what I do. 


Drums are my thing

My remote drum studio is based in Nashville at my humble abode. There are two drum rooms.. an isolated dead room and a live room.


Nutshell recording philosophy

The way the drums are captured, defines the style you are going for. It can make or break the “life” of your recording. I focus on bringing the right energy, character, and quality of sound to each song.


Gear Highlights

I have a late 50s Rogers Holiday Kit and custom OCDP snares and kits.

Apollo / Protools set up, JHS Colour Box 500 Series Pre’s, industry standard mic’s, and a Royer 121 ribbon mic.


The Process and Prices

During my process, I spend time discussing and articulating what kind of sound the artist / songwriter / producer is looking to achieve. Once we have a good vision in mind, I'll dial in the drum sounds, record, edit, and mix a stereo drum take. You will have the option of drum stems and/or a stereo mix of your desired take.


Record / Edit / Mixed Drum Track  $150/track

Drum Editing / Engineering $100/track



Inquiring about a drum Session? 

Tell me a bit about your music and your story