Note to Self: Nothing is perfect. Just make it Better.

Feeling nervous? A little anxious that what you’re wanting to happen might not turn out the way you want it to?

Try saying this out loud if you’d like. (Sure it’ll feel weird at first. But, Give it a try…) “Shut up fear! I‘ve got this! It’s all going to be ok.”

The anxiety you feel is a fear of not being good enough. Let it go. It’s not going to be perfect. All you can do is make it the best you can. We spend our time trying to perfect the imperfect. The truth is.. there is no such thing as perfect. When we focus on those little micro-imperfections, our mind stains the entire picture. We end up only seeing one ugly color. If its the image we have of our current life situation, we forget about the good moments altogether and focus on the little bad parts and make them more significant than they need to be.

Sometimes the stained picture is a self-image. Stop giving your imperfections all that attention. They aren't worth your time or energy. Take it one step further and don't think about them at all. Just make your strengths better. The rest will come to you. You'll find help from others that compliment your weaknesses, and your strengths will grow.