Life Coaching

Note to Self: Nothing is perfect. Just make it Better.

Feeling nervous? A little anxious that what you’re wanting to happen might not turn out the way you want it to?

Try saying this out loud if you’d like. (Sure it’ll feel weird at first. But, Give it a try…) “Shut up fear! I‘ve got this! It’s all going to be ok.”

The anxiety you feel is a fear of not being good enough. Let it go. It’s not going to be perfect. All you can do is make it the best you can. We spend our time trying to perfect the imperfect. The truth is.. there is no such thing as perfect. When we focus on those little micro-imperfections, our mind stains the entire picture. We end up only seeing one ugly color. If its the image we have of our current life situation, we forget about the good moments altogether and focus on the little bad parts and make them more significant than they need to be.

Sometimes the stained picture is a self-image. Stop giving your imperfections all that attention. They aren't worth your time or energy. Take it one step further and don't think about them at all. Just make your strengths better. The rest will come to you. You'll find help from others that compliment your weaknesses, and your strengths will grow.

We Hold Stories in the Body

You can’t create a new future holding onto the emotions of the past.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

We hold stories and memories of the past in our bodies. At an early age we learn things about ourselves through our experiences. A tragedy or significant challenge will cause a severe emotional reaction. That emotional reaction will put us in a mood. When that mood last for months, it’s called a temperament. When that mood lasts over a period of years, it’s called a personality trait. The emotions from that reaction are stored in the unconscious mind, our body.

These emotionally charged stories surface and trigger the body when we face a familiar threat. Have you learned to cope for a long time with a traumatic story? Have you shoved the emotions down deep, ignored them, self-medicated, and tried using a substance or behavior to cover the discomfort? Do you feel like you can’t control the feeling, the pain, and the frustration? You may have been holding on to a story like this for years, not even knowing it.

You don’t have to live like that. You can face these stories, these emotional land minds that explode from the past. When you become more aware of how they’ve been running your life, you can start to reduce their control over you. You can begin to heal.

The emotions have to go somewhere. When you drum, you are able release the pain, anger, hurt, confusion, anxiety, stress, sadness… whatever may be the thing trapped in your body thats been holding you back from being your best self.

We CAN release the wounded stories holding us back, and begin to replace them with new stories, and heal.

Let Go of Your Judgments & Just PLAY


Go! Play! Explore.. make sure to enjoy what you’re doing.

These are words I wish I had told myself more often when I was younger. If you’re not motivated and finding enjoyment in what you’re doing, then stop for a moment. Ask yourself, what else COULD I be doing? Its simple, but we have to be willing to ask ourselves that question.

We carry out our every day holding judgments. Most of those judgments are about ourselves. The best thing we can do is to shut those judgments up, let them go, and just play… explore.

The drum is self healing. There is that moment when you first start playing a drum and trying to play a beat that the “Performer” aka self-critic comes out. The Performer says things like, “You have to play it this way. You can’t figure it out. You don’t have what it takes. You look foolish.” Does that sound like your internal dialogue ?

We form judgments around everything. We tend to not allow ourselves to grow and learn. We stifle ourselves in our own preconceived expectations. We don’t allow ourselves to enjoy other possibilities. We must first simply learn to PLAY.

The drum is an inherent gift. It does the work of reflecting back to us how we think and feel. It shows us who we believe we really are, simply by playing.

The drum is an inherent gift. It does the work of reflecting back to us how we think and feels, and who we believe we really are…simply by playing.

Benefits of Drumming


These are some Benefits as to why I Now Do Drum Therapy..

Playing drums does many things for your mental and emotional well being while boosting your immune system & releasing toxic emotional energy trapped in your body.

Here are some awesome things playing drums does for you.

  • Requires being present, helping the mind to deal with past trauma and reducing future worry

  • Creates connection when playing with others, helping let go of fear and isolation

  • Releases toxic emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, and stress

  • Stimulates both left and right sides of the brain

  • Creates meditative brain waves helping to calm and focus your attention

  • Boosts white blood cells that help fight against cancer.

It Also Helps mind & body disorders such as…

ADHD, Tourettes, Alzheimers, PTSD, Addictions, and Parkinson’s Disease