Benefits of Drumming


These are some Benefits as to why I Now Do Drum Therapy..

Playing drums does many things for your mental and emotional well being while boosting your immune system & releasing toxic emotional energy trapped in your body.

Here are some awesome things playing drums does for you.

  • Requires being present, helping the mind to deal with past trauma and reducing future worry

  • Creates connection when playing with others, helping let go of fear and isolation

  • Releases toxic emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, and stress

  • Stimulates both left and right sides of the brain

  • Creates meditative brain waves helping to calm and focus your attention

  • Boosts white blood cells that help fight against cancer.

It Also Helps mind & body disorders such as…

ADHD, Tourettes, Alzheimers, PTSD, Addictions, and Parkinson’s Disease