Welcome! it's our first week of free beats..

This week's street style beat is an uptempo rhythm that will get your song feeling fresh as you you strum your first chord.. 

The drums are dry and crisp. No fluff here. Its all about those rhythms you'd hear on buckets and cans walking down a busy street in NYC.. we brought those beats to the kit. 

Download it. Loop it. Take it to a whole new level. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know whats on your beat wish list. Come back for more next week. 


Beat Specs..

Inspired by Local Natives, Vampire Weekend, Cold War Kids

Recorded with "The Hodgepodge Kit"

22" OCDP Midnight Blue Kick, 14" OCDP Walnut Stained Snare, 13" & 16" Black Roger's Toms