The Studio

The studio


The Studio

The studio


Rehearse. WRite. Record.

Looking to book some rehearsal or recording time?

Studio hours

Sunday - Thursday 




Recording / Writing

The studio has a straight forward modern approach to tracking live instruments. We keep it simple with some great mics, an Apollo 8, a few pre-amps and Pro-Tools. 

With an easy to use monitor system and apple screen share, you can engineer and record directly from the live room. Need recording peace of mind with resident engineer? You can hire Aaron to assist you. 

Record live instrument 


Record with resident engineer




The live room is a great space for a stripped down rehearsal. Monitors and drums are provided.  

Rehearse by the hour


Rehearse by the day

$175/day (8hrs)



Book As an AirBnB

Interested in having the studio for a longer creative stay?

Check out the listing on Airbnb...