Help Stubbs by Donating and drumming

Ryan Stubbs is a good friend, a brilliant musician, and a drum therapy student of mine. I want to give him all the love and support he can get. You can help by drumming and donating!

Stubbs suffers from PTSD & limes disease. He was diagnosed after collapsing 3 years ago. The collapse triggered past childhood traumas leaving him with symptoms of involuntary stuttering, shaking, seizures, and fighting to use his words. I believe Stubbs can heal. Traumas & illness’ are matters of the mind, heart, and body. The mind and heart are powerful. If Stubbs does the work of healing his emotional wounds, I believe we will see massive changes & results.

Ryan is looking at having to file for bankruptsy due to all his overwhelming bills. Help Stubbs by donating to his student loans, medical bills, and daily expenses.


Drumming together as a group actually builds your immune system, reduces stress, and helps channel your emotional energy, making it lighter to sort through emotions & energy that are trapped in your body.

Stubbs will be staying with me at my home studio in East Nashville, TN for the remainder of his therapy. I will be leading weekly group therapy sessions and Stubbs will be joining us on all the sessions. This will be medicine for the soul, for both you and for Stubbs. It’s like donating your energy to Stubbs.

If you are interest.. Join the email list and I will be taking sign ups for weekly drum therapy sessions with Stubbs. (about 5-10 players per session)